Feature Characters:

Malcolm King is a 16 year-old male being raised by his young mother in the inner city. He respects his mother, but struggles with trying to balance pleasing her and impressing his “thug” friends. School and his future are not a priority. Malcolm has no idea who his father is and assumes he never will. Everyone in his family can see his potential except for him. More than anything Malcolm wants to get out of his neighborhood. One word to describe Malcolm would be; conflicted.

Mina King is Malcolm’s 32 year-old mother. She is very strong-willed, independent, doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. She loves Malcolm and doesn’t want him to be swallowed up by the streets. She ran away from New Orleans after a fall out with her stepfather led to tragedy. She is wounded by her mother’s early death and the pain she experienced struggling to make it on her own with a child. She has been completely cut off from her family since leaving New Orleans 14 years ago. More than anything Mina wants to escape her past. One word to describe Mina would be; frustrated.

Dorian Jacobs is an 18 year-old male with special needs, but is relatively highly functional. He has the mind of a 7 year-old. He is outgoing and loveable. His favorite thing to do is fly kites. He and his father were very close before he was killed in Hurricane Katrina. He is very excited to reunite with Mina and Malcolm. More than anything Dorian wants to love and be loved. One word to describe Dorian would be; pure.

Selah Jacobs is Dorian’s 38 year-old mother and Mina’s older step sister. Selah is wise and caring. She lost her husband in Hurricane Katrina and found peace in her faith and taking care of Dorian. She is very excited about reconnecting with Mina and Malcolm. More than anything Selah wants to reconcile with her family and recover from Katrina. One word to describe Selah would be; serene.

Jump Mitchell is an 18 year-old friend of Malcolm’s. Jump is immature and is always finding trouble. He is insecure and only cares about himself and living for the moment without any regard for the consequences of his choices. More than anything Jump wants to be respected / feared. One word to describe Jump would be; self-centered.

Kev Williams is a 17 year-old friend of Malcolm’s and Jump’s peon. He rarely thinks for himself and just goes with the flow of whoever is most dominant. Most often that is Jump. More than anything Kev wants to be liked and accepted by others. One word to describe Kev would be; follower.

Vanessa Caldwell is a 15 year-old female. She is intelligent, beautiful, and focused. She sees the potential that Malcolm has and works to pull it out of him. She knows what she stands for and is not willing to compromise. More than anything Vanessa wants to experience life to the fullest in a healthy, safe, and positive way. One word to describe Vanessa would be; heart.

Robert Caldwell is Vanessa’s hard-working, loving 40 year-old father. He and Vanessa’s mother have intentionally stayed in the inner city to “give back” to the community they came from. More than anything Robert wants success for his family and community. One word to describe Robert would be; determined.