The Privilege will be a commercially successful feature film as a result of many factors              including but not limited to:

The Privilege will:

4 Main Factors for Success

High Concept
High concept is defined as a striking, easily reducible narrative which also offers a high degree of marketability. The tagline, One Choice Creates a Chance, offers just that.

Commercial Marketability
Urban / Family films bring together two of the fastest growing and most popular genres in       cinema today. Well made urban themed family movies consistently draw large audiences. Movies like THE HELP, BLINDSIDE, PRECIOUS, TYLER PERRY’S MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION, and PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS all demonstrate how quality filmmaking and intentional and             aggressive marketing can result in high grossing films.

Proven Track Record from analysis of past Hollywood successes
The Privilege follows the structure, genre and/or storyline of previously financially successful independent and modest budget  urban / family features. The Privilege is budgeted to deliver a profitable return based on the script, talent and production team.

Top Flight Management  / Production Team
The team of film industry veterans and business professionals working together to produce this film will execute a highly-profitable distribution model that provides a greater ROI on     urban-themed feature films than the traditional studio movie system. The required funds will be used to conduct exhaustive story development, casting, and market research and ultimately produce , market, and distribute  a film with high potential for profitability.