A teen growing up in the inner city is forced to spend the summer with his mentally challenged cousin who has been displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The Synopsis:

The story is about not allowing your destiny to be defined and directed by the opinions and low expectations of others. Malcolm King is growing up in an environment where he feels forced to prove how “cool” or “hood” he is. He knows right from wrong, but let’s other people’s opinion of him take precedence over his better judgment. He wants more than anything for he and his mother to escape their seemingly oppressive environment, but lacks the skills, motivation, and courage to do anything about it. His journey of self-discovery begins when his displaced family from New Orleans moves in temporarily and he is forced to spend the summer looking after his older mentally challenged cousin named Dorian. Malcolm runs into trouble trying to balance his “street life” with his new responsibilities. The story ends when a botched robbery attempt almost cost Malcolm and Dorian their lives and he discovers that the ability to see beyond ourselves , being future-minded, and believing that our past does not disqualify us from our future are traits that must be nurtured and treasured.